Restoration of Leaded Glass Windows at Yale University, Osborn Memorial Laboratories

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The Osborn Memorial Laboratories building at Yale was built in 1913 and designed by architect Charles C. Haight.  It sits prominently at the corner of Prospect St. and Sachem St in New Haven, CT.  Rohlf Studios was hired for restoration of leaded glass windows, one of many projects we have been awarded by Yale over the years.

The front and rear façade of the building entrance with elevations of four stories feature 70 leaded glass windows originally glazed with zinc cames and set in stone. The windows also contained 15 steel casements and 24 ventilators.  The arch under the windows originally allowed for horse an carriage entrance to the building.

All of the 70 leaded glass windows, casements and ventilators were stripped from the openings after they were abated of any hot caulking materials.  All were returned to Rohlf’s Studio in Mt. Vernon, NY.

Upon completion of the photography and rubbings, the leaded glass was stripped.  A new horizontal reinforcing system was provided using hollow heart reinforced leads with steel bars inserted with new lead cames.  This technique increases the strength and durability of the windows without affecting their beauty.

The zinc cames were replaced with lead cames matching the same profile as the original cames.  All casements and ventilators were stripped with an abrasive blast, primed, intermediate and top coated with an approved color selected by Yale and the architects.  The leaded glass windows, casements and ventilators were reinstalled into the stone grooves with closed cell backer rods, secured and sealed with Dow Corning 795 Bronze silicone.

Another successful and on time project completed by Rohlf’s Studio.

Exterior image by Sage Ross.