Leaded Glass Windows With Geometric Grids

Leaded glass is a product used primarily in residences and commercial buildings depicting different types of leaded and geometric grids using clear glass, restoration glass or a combination of both, along with tints and accents.

The importance of either re-leading or fabricating new units is to structurally engineer the leaded glass panels so that they do not fail over the years. Properly constructed leaded glass windows can last for over 100 years.

At Rohlf’s Studio, on all-colonial (blocks or rectangular) leaded glass grids, we use reinforced lead cames on all horizontals. These leads have a steel bar encapsulated within the leads. All horizontal re-leads are glazed to the full extent of the width of the panel which properly supports and locks in the window when installed.

On our Tudor (diamond) grid leaded glass windows, we tuck in each lead came to help support the diamond quarries. We recommend (after waterproofing), galvanized support bars be soldered onto each panel horizontally approximately every 12 to 14 inches.

All of our leaded glass is waterproofed and when completed can be installed in single or double-glazed wood or steel sash.

Rohlf’s Studio has fabricated over 33,000 leaded glass panels for Yale University, along with thousands more for residences, commercial and government buildings.

Along with our staff, in collaboration with your architect, owner or contractor, Rohlf ‘s Studio will produce the highest quality leaded glass windows in the market today.