Rohlf’s Studio was privileged to be selected to do wood frame replication of the front balcony window and restore the stained glass.


With extreme care, the stained glass and rotted wood frame was removed to our Studio. The window measures 14’ x 24’.   Glass and wood templates were made for the stained glass restoration and for the wood frame replication.  The wood replication consisted of new (sapele) mahogany 7½” thick along with creating new filigree wood cuts.

The stained glass rose petals were totally re-leaded.  The five lower lancet stained glass windows which were originally a diamond grid were replaced with old French stained glass windows belonging to Rohlf’s.

Upon completion of the wood replication, the mahogany frames were primed.  The exterior received two coats of Benjamin Moore Exterior Semi Gloss white paint.  The interior was painted a bronze color.

An on-site boom truck was used to hoist up the four individual panels.  A structural steel tube 3/16” x 4” x 14’ long was installed and bolted to each jamb to properly support the three top sections and to contain the wind loads.

The wooden frame was secured into the surrounding jambs with Hilti ½” x 8” bolts set in epoxy.  The entire frame was sealed and a new brick mold installed.  The exterior was completed with the installation of ¼” clear float glass.  The total weight of the frame and steel alone was over three tons.  The interior stained glass was installed secured and vented to the interior.

A successful and turn-key operation was completed on time and revered by all.